F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Can I bring my child, infant, teenager to the event?  
    Unfortunately no.  This event is only open to adults 21 years of age and older.  This is a vacation from the kids for the day!


  • Can I bring my dog or pet to the event?  
    Unfortunately no.  The stadium policy is no pets allowed, except for special baseball related events.  This is not one of those events.


  • Should I bring a lawn chair?  
    Lawn Chairs are not allowed at this event.  There is plenty of seating on the deck or in the stands if you need to sit for awhile.  There is so much beer to taste, you won't have much time for sitting.  Blankets on the lawn are allowed near the music stage. Please stay out of the flow of participants and breweries. 

  • My Spouse/Friend is attending the VIP event, and I have a general admission or desiginated driver ticket, can I hang out with them?  
    Unfortunately, No. There are several perks that come with a VIP ticket, getting in an hour early, sampling some amazing food, etc.  In order to enjoy these perks you must have a VIP ticket.  We recommend dropping the VIP ticket holder off at the Stadium gate at 11 a.m. and then going over to enjoy SRP Park or to nearby downtown Augusta for an hour and then joining in at noon. 


  • Can I leave the festival and come back later?  
    Unfortunately, No.  Once you leave the interior SRP Park there is no re-admittance to the stadium for any reason. This includes going into the restaurant adjoining the stadium. 


  • Can I smoke at the event? How About Cigars?  
    There is no smoking outside of marked smoking areas. 

  • I won tickets, can I come by early and pick them up at the stadium?
    All tickets are delivered via email and there is no opportunity to pick up.  Once the sponsor has submitted you name and email, tickets will be sent/emailed prior to Saturday morning. 

  • I broke my souvenir snifter tasting glass, can I get another?  
    The answer is, "IT DEPENDS." In the event of a sellout, there will be no additional glasses.  We will have cups to replace broken glassware.  Be Careful as we would hate for you to cut yourself.  

  • Can I bring in food and drink to the stadium?
    Unfortunately, No., Just like a GreenJackets Baseball game, Concessions will be open and no outside food or drinks are permitted. 

    How do I volunteer at the festival? Our Charity Partner, The Augusta Sports Council, greatly appreciates your support, click on THIS LINK to apply to be a volunteer.  All questions about volunteering are answered in the application or in the confirmation email. 

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